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FOX News
Jan 21, 2013 1:00pm PST
hope they delay the debt ceiling for three months and address spending in the house. that is what they will have to win. >>neil: they addressed that and they said earlier the move to delay the debt ceiling for another few months to me it seems like kicking the can down the road. i guess they think that maybe in that time they will get their act together but i am not so sure. >> i am not either, i am worried about the house of representatives. it is supposed to be the loyal opposition, and they supposed to compromise and work with the budget and work with the senate and make things happen but i worry very much if they retreat too far and collapse and cave. that would be a very major mistake to the united states. >>neil: quickly, art, did ronald reagan like the parades if maybe the second was indoors, everything was indoors that year, maybe the parade. but did he like the parades? that is something that comes with being a newly inaugurated president, did he enjoy it? >> he didn't enjoy the second. in 1985, it was the coldest year ever in history and it was amazing. no one enjoyed that. b
FOX News
Jan 21, 2013 3:00pm PST
president obama and vice president biden had a charming picture. debt ceiling, gun control on the agenda, the second term honeymoon is likely to end quickly. the president struck assertive tone in the inaugural address. >> we cannot substitute speck taggal for politics, or treat name calling as reasoned debate. >> the republicans in congress have been defined by the actions. that is why the polling numbers are poor. >> in an interview with the "washington post," white house communication director dan pfeiffer suggested mr. obama is worthy of the task, but republicans are not. "there is a moment of opportunity now that is important. what is frustrating is that we don't have a political system. or an opposition party worthy of the opportunity. pfeiffer told fox it was a message to the country, not just republican parties. but a key senator sounded troubled by a tone heading to a new term with the nation facing serious issues requiring leadership. >> both parties need to work together to solve big proble problems. the democrats need help from the president to lay out the issues and provide the ability they know what needs to be done. >> they wrote go for the throat and why obama must declare war on the republ
Jan 21, 2013 8:00am PST
of the union address and move onto the debt ceiling deadline. there is so much acrimony. if he wants to get back to using the government to try to stablize the economy, that is political will that just doesn't exist right now. shepard: evan, presidential historian, is there a time which you can point where the nation was so divided and solutions seemed so elusive, that, this sort of rhetoric, might have been able to bring back together, especially as the republicans examine a mirror that shows their party, so enunevenly divided? >> i don't think the rhetoric will pull the country back together. it is political realities and self-interest of the parties involved. you see in the steps of the republican party over the last month or so a bit of the realization the playing field has changed. they see who won the presidential election, they see what happened in the senate and house election to a certain extent, been a little bit of pulling in of horns. whether that is fight to fight down the road or not. a little bit of different atmosphere, before november. so i think, you can go ba
Jan 21, 2013 3:30pm EST
continue to do that? we don't have a debt ceiling is my contention because every time we run against it, we increase it. so what we have to do is take time out. this government is twice the size it was 11 years ago. there's a lot of great things the government does. a lot of great things the government does not within the enumerated powers, but the first thing before we touch either of those two things, let's get rid of this stuff that doesn't work. and say to the american people, we flipped the last 30 years in this country off of the next 30. all of us are going to have to participate in paying to get out of this hole if in fact you care about your children. i had this experience in oklahoma city town hall meeting. try care for retired military was put in 1995. everybody before that, when they recruit in the military was told you cannot health care when you retire the space available basis at a military hospital. i've not heard that from hardly anybody that is written to me that retired before 1995. they promised me health care for the rest of my life. pedestal as promised. since 1
FOX Business
Jan 21, 2013 11:00am EST
have gotten a hint on that when republicans said they would look at eight debt ceiling it ascension back ago, probably, three months. what do you make of that? don: they would be blamed, roundly, thoroughly if the country went into some kind of default. the strategy, as you have been reporting, has been to try to take this issue off the table and then fight the battle over spending cuts when you have a sequestration cuts scheduled to start march 1. the current resolution running the government also running out into her three months from now. as well as, the debt ceiling having to be raised yet again. republicans hope this is when they will be able to get the leverage to push spending cuts and entitlement reform. neil: you know, peter, what we look at -- how does that decide? there is a protocol. sitting in and around that i see ron emanuel sitting close to president clinton, how are those seats sold out? >> by protocol and tradition, all former presidents are invited, of course. both president bush, 41 and 43 the client to come. i believe president carter is not attending, but presi
Jan 21, 2013 7:00am PST
address will be hopeful. it's a theme he spoke of in his first inaugural address in 2009, choosing hope over fear and unity of purpose over discord. now more real political fights await over the debt ceiling and issues like gun control. the next few hours are about celebrating. first a parade from the u.s. capitol to the white house, then a night of inaugural balls. the formal parties await tonight. the political policy will wait until tomorrow. after that church service this morning, the obamas and bidens returned to the white house. they had coffee with the leaders of the house and senate. these were republicans and democrats. back to you. >> thank you, emily. so stay tuned to the cron cron because we'll carry the ceremony live right here. it starts at 8:30. then we'll also have the inaugural parade live. that starts at 10:35. >>> bay area weather and traffic with a live look from mount tam. erica kato has the latest. >> there is a clear start to the day. we did have some fog developing in some of the north bay valleys. a lot of people noticed how cold it was. some locations still in
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6